Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Return to the caprock

DAY 3 MAY 4, 2009

This morning, Jack, Ron and I decided to sort out the two vans for good... time to take care of this "cable city" disaster! Velcro and cable ties can be such a wonderful thing. Ron and Sandra took the green van, or simply known as "the other van" (another inside joke), while I rode in front of the red van with Jack. We managed to get the Baron and MS Streets and Trips working, but I also wanted to get Spotter Network up and running. Unfortunately the stupid thing won't let me use the same GPS antenna for two different programs, so I had to disconnect Streets and Trips in order to use Spotter Network. I wanted to get my GPS antenna (that came with my 2009 Streets and Trips software) working, and surprise, surprise, I could not get it to work. I guess I need to get the driver from somewhere. Damn technology!

We picked up new clients Lorrine from England and David from France in Oklahoma and continued west to Amarillo, TX. We encountered quite a bit of rain but it eventually cleared when we crossed into Texas. The air was still pretty cool out, but at least the winds were blowing from the south. I don't think I've ever felt TX this cool before, but then again it was early May.

Before we arrived in Amarillo, we decided to stop for pictures of the leaning water tower. The crew had a delicious meal at the Big Texan, and Pam, Rita and Sandra ended up feeling pretty darn good from their intake of the Big Texan's yummy pina coladas. Ron decided to book a limo ride to the motel for the night just for fun. I sure hope we didn't scare Lorrine from our craziness!

We booked rooms at the Comfort Suites in the southern end of Amarillo, which is relatively a month old. Talk about nice big rooms! Just too bad the wifi sucked in the rooms (the walls must be like 3 feet thick or something), so I decided to go to the lobby to check out the models for tomorrow instead. Turns out Ron and Jack had the same idea, and soon Rita joined us.

It looks like a pretty interesting dryline setup tomorrow. Man it feels great to be back on the caprock... I missed this place.

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