Sunday, May 03, 2009

I am chase-ready!

DAY 1 MAY 2, 2009

May is here and you know what that means. It's chase time! Today, I will be traveling along with Ron and Sandra Gravelle, Jack Kertzie, Rita (my sister), Pam Gregory and Ben "Camelot" Fuller to the alley once again for two weeks. We didn't get to leave Ron's place till shortly after the lunch hour because we had to wait for Jack to show up. Once he arrived, we loaded everything in the van, slapped the antennas on the roof, and were on our way. Sarnia customs was pretty good today, hardly any traffic and nice folks. Wish it were like this every time!

Along the way, we had our share of the giggles and jokes. Ron purchased a new Garmin GPS and downloaded a "Dr. Nightmare" voice... at random times, it would say something in a very deep Dracula-like voice such as, "Have you checked your trunk lately?" or "We need to drive some place more interesting". We saw a somewhat large fire burning in a field, almost looked like some type of house or barn. We made it as far as Indianapolis, IN tonight and staying at a Super 6. It's an okay motel and area, but the internet connection here really bites. Tomorrow we will continue our trek to Oklahoma, making it another travel day.

We will be streaming live and running APRS during the trip. We will also be on Spotter Network.

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