Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Signs of Aging Suck

Grey hair? Could it be? Is that really grey hair on the sides of my head when I look in the mirror? Wow... well not a surprise really. I knew the day would come sooner or later. Ok, so it's only a few. I discovered these grey hairs a few days ago on July 13th. Wow. The 13th. Who woulda known?! Well anyways, that just made me realize that I am approaching 30. I wish I could have stayed 25 forever. That was a perfect age. You could do all the crap that adults do, you had good memory, you acted young, you had the energy, and you had no grey hair (well... most people anyway unless you were my father who greyed in his teens). Those days are coming to the end in a few years for me. I've already got poor short term memory. I can remember stuff that happened long ago, but could I remember what I did 5 min ago? Sometimes not... today I was organizing the yogurt around in the fridge and I set one container on the floor to move it out of the way. Well it turns out I forgot to put the container BACK in the fridge. Luckily my ma spotted it before it had a chance to warm up and go bad. This short term memory crap can get frustrating at times, but as I get older, it won't get any better, so I just have to deal with it... I laugh at myself sometimes. I also can't seem to shake off those love handles or the extra weight off my thighs. Perhaps I should cut back on the sweets, dontcha think? :o)

Now excuse me while I go find my black hair colour....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Well I guess I should update once again... LOL

Yikes I haven't updated for a month. I guess it's time for another update. Well I finally updated my website with several of my tornado alley photos and summaries. I have also put all my videos onto DVD with my uncle's DVD recorder for the tv. I gotta say that really saves a bunch of time instead of making the DVD on the computer. It takes forever to upload and edit videos on the computer, not to mention it uses lots of space. What is it about computers and rendering stuff I will never know.

But anyway... I thinking of buying a new camera lens for my Canon Digtal Rebel. I am looking at the Sigma 18-200 mm for the Rebel. The kit lens that came with my camera can be a joke to manual focus with, especially in low light situations. I mean... what kind of a SLR lens doesn't have infinity distance markings on it? Good grief. Well, I plan to pop into Henry's once and have a look at the 18-200 mm lens. It's $500 but I kinda like the thought of having the abilities of a telephoto and wide angle all in one lens instead of buying a bunch of lenses.

Oh yeah. One more step towards Hawaii. I bought my luggage last Friday! And it's Hawaiian print too, with hibiscus. Now my luggage should really stand out in the airport LOL. I can't wait till that trip, it's going to be very fun. Still several months to go though... how about now? Nope. Now? Nope. Now?

Ok I gotta save the good news for last so here it is. I got more work hours, so instead of working from 8 to 4 I work from 8 to 5 now. Plus I got a dollar raise which puts my hourly rate to $10! FINALLY!!! I was supposed to have one back in March but my former boss couldn't afford it. So since my production co worker left, I was beginning to feel underpaid from all the stuff I've been doing and I've been thinking about asking for a raise sometime after the new boss got settled in. Last week he said to me "I'd love to give you a raise, I appreciate all the hard work you've been doing for me. How does $10 sound?" I was estatic. So, with the 5 extra hours a week and my raise starting in August, I will be brining home more money. And then I can pay Rita back for the Hawaii trip sooner LOL (yes it's coming Rita, please be patient LOL).