Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chasing the same system... again?

DAY 6 MAY 7, 2009

We left Plano around the lunch hour and decided to make a stop in the chaser capitol of the world... Norman, Oklahoma. The thermodynamics were just insane numbers according to the models! CAPE was forecast to be 8400 with a lifted index of -12. The EHI was also pretty high. We were expecting storms to go up around the OKC area this evening. The only issue was that we had to wait for the cap to break and for the cold front to move through. We hung around a Souper! Salad! restaurant for a while and watched the sky from the parking lot. Towers really wanted to go up. The updrafts were tilted but just not punchy enough. Where the heck was our front? All this unstable air and nothing to show for it! It was getting later in the day and I was getting a bit frustrated. Now we could only hope for something to fire up after sunset, but I was doubting it. We booked our rooms in OKC for the night. A very disappointing day indeed... it seems the cold front decided to retreat. Again.

We decided to go for some drinks and something to chew on at Texas Roadhouse... it was pretty funny when we had a peanut shell fight. I drowned my sorrows of the day with two drinks. Now we could only hope for tomorrow... and it was looking much more promising. A derecho was expected to go through tonight, helping to break the cap for later tomorrow.

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