Monday, May 04, 2009

Oklahoma Bound

DAY 2 MAY 3, 2009

Today was going to be another travel day. While we were packing up the van, Ben and I watched some geese walk around the parking lot. They would come up pretty close, and one hissed at Ben while he as filming. We had to go to Springfield, IL to pick up the other van. Jack and I sat in the front of the original van, while Ron and Sandra took the other, then we took off for Oklahoma. Today was the 10th anniversary of the May 3, 1999 tornado outbreak in the OKC area, and it was also Ron and Sandra's 18th anniversary. We decided to stop along the way in Tulsa, OK to have a nice bite to eat at a steakhouse.

We pulled into Oklahoma City at a Super 8 for the night. Tomorrow we will pick up two clients from France and England.

If you're wondering why the APRS still has us in Indiana, we had a bit of an issue from blowing a fuse, but we should have everything working by tomorrow after getting the vans properly organized.

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