Sunday, June 11, 2006

The stupid heat


Today seemed to be a little more promising. We would be playing the dryline from Wyoming into Nebraska. By lunch time, cumulus was already beginning to build along the dryline. We headed more north from Cheyenne and by around 4 pm, we decided to cut more eastward towards Mitchell, NE and head north. The dryline was advancing into central NE and a convergence zone was setting up in the area.

And son of a… was it ever hot! We saw a temperature sign in Mitchell that read 105 deg F. This was retarded heat. Gimme my ice cold water!

We headed more west and saw some towers building. We pulled off the road to wait around for a bit. Ron was expecting the cap to give away and the storms would explode. We waited. And waited. Unfortunately it was getting late in the afternoon and we had still a haul to do to get set up for the next day near Montana. Today was so hot that the heat rose and created an inversion layer, hence the storms would not explode.

Later on, we saw a really really long train. Scott measured one and it turned out to be about 2 km long. We thought that was retarded but then later on, we saw a much longer train. It had to have been about 5 km long. Now THAT was retarded. That was the longest train I ever saw in my life. We stayed in Gillette overnight.

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