Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Hope for Monday


Today we decided to cut east a bit more. Ron had decided to issue his own slight risk area for today’s storms in eastern South Dakota and western Iowa. SPC had a slight risk area for the Montana area, but that would screw us up for tomorrow’s setup in Nebraska if we were to target that area. We targeted the town of Aberdeen. On our way, we stopped to get gas. Ron pointed out to me a surface boundary to the north and another one to the east. He wanted to target where these two boundaries met. He figured these would fire in the afternoon sometime. We continued more eastward and noticed that the cumulus along these boundaries were getting bigger. Once we reached Aberdeen, we ate a KFC buffet lunch/dinner. By now it was almost late afternoon and we had to get ourselves in position for tomorrow. On our way to Sioux Falls, storms did happen to fire in Ron’s target area. The Baron was detecting 2 inch hail on one of the southern storms.

We stayed in Sioux Falls overnight and planned to target the Nebraska/Kansas border for a potential supercell setup, after Scott gets the van’s oil change done and to get it fixed because it has been making a weird clanking vibrating noise when he would do turns.

Tomorrow the surface moisture would finally make a return, after several days of elevated storms after the large haboob in eastern Colorado.

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