Sunday, June 04, 2006

I got to see the Rockies!


Today was a down day. We decided to travel a bit more north through Denver. The Rockies were in full view, so it was a nice drive. We ate some Mexican lunch in Greeley. Ron’s face looked “kinda red” from the heat of the food.

We were hoping we would catch a cell or two that would produce some hail. We were in the 2% tornado risk area before the SPC even issued the 2%. Unfortunately it was already mid afternoon and nothing has popped up in the area yet, and we still had quite a haul to do to get to Nebraska for tomorrow.

On our way east, we saw the DOW 3 ahead of us by a couple cars on the same interstate as us heading in the same direction. Perhaps a good sign for tomorrow? We’ll see. As we headed more northwest, cumulus clouds were starting to build up. Ron could have sworn he saw a fairly good sized funnel cloud under the knuckles of a towering cumulus. There was a sign of wind shear in the area, as the clouds were tilting as they grew taller. By now we were starting to see some cells with small anvils. Since today was a travel day, we just continued east to North Platte, Nebraska to spend the night there.

There was a severe thunderstorm to our north around midnight. Ron said there was a TVS on the storm, and that if the sirens went off, to go in his room. Luckily, all I saw was lightning off in the distance and the storm had dissipated before it reached us.

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