Saturday, May 20, 2006

So many things happening

You ever get the feeling you are overwhelmed with things in your life, whether it be work related or personal? Well I am. Kinda. Sorta. I think. It's weird. It is almost like a dreamy feeling. Is all this really happening or am I just dreaming? Finally after 9 years, I am heading to tornado alley for the first time with a good friend named Ron Gravelle. It still hasn't sunk into me yet; it is such a weird feeling. This was a big goal of mine... to get an opportunity to chase storms in the plains. The storms there are truly amazing. Mysterious, beautiful and unique in their own way, just the like the people and places of the great plains. Here I am, preparing for my long-awaited 2 week "chasecation" from May 27 to June 10. I need to take the time to give a big thanks to Ron for helping me plan this trip... without him, I probably would not have planned to go this year.

One big barrier that was preventing me from doing this on my own is that I can't drive. Eye problems, crazy drivers and financial issues are the main factors. But my uncle, Dave Szozda, has been very kind to me and has done the driving on our chases. It seems like he enjoys the storms just as much as I do, which is a good thing I guess. Other times, I will hook up with some local friends and head out. Of course I help out wherever I can, to make up for my lack of driving ability.

On to other things, there are major changes undergoing at my workplace. I work in a small sign shop, consisted of myself and 3 other employees. We were having some financial difficulty and thus I was starting to worry about the future of the job that I love. Well just this past week, I find out that my boss is leaving the sign industry and we are getting a new boss/sales guy to get the shop up to par in one year. I am going to miss that guy, he was always a joy to work with. He was the one reason why I enjoyed my job so much. Not many bosses are like him, and I feel that he should know that. Not to say that I am upset because I am not... I'm actually excited for our business' future. Since the new boss started slowly taking over, I have already noticed an improvement. Within the next few weeks, we will be doing some major in-house cleaning and re-organizing. It's good to know that I am guaranteed my job for at least another year, because I already have my Hawaii winter vacation for 2007 planned out :)

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