Friday, May 19, 2006

I finally have a blog site

Wow, I am finally getting caught up to the internet age. I now own a blog site! I have never considered this in the past, I felt it was pointless to have one. But lately I have seen some interesting blogs, some people are such creative writers. So I decided to cave in and be like everyone else out there, and make a spot to share my ramblings.

My mind is tornadic... just like a tornado, there is always something going on in there. Not that it is a bad thing, but lately I have felt that I have way too much things on my mind, issues relating from work to family to my upcoming travel plans. I need to let it all out and start fresh again, because I am finding it very hard to remember short term stuff. It is like my mind is overloaded with information. I hope this blog site will help me cure this overloaded mind problem, and give you something to read in your spare time, LOL.

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