Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Weather Instruments for Dummies

On a November evening, I sit and ponder what to do during the winter season. This is a start. Oh dear, it's going to be a long winter....

Weather Instruments for Dummies

Anemometer - If it's missing, it's very windy out.

Visibility Sensor - If you can't find it, it's very foggy out.

Precipitation gauge - If it's flooded under, it's very wet out.

Thermometer - If you're sweating, it's too damn hot; if you're shivering, it's too damn cold.

Barometer - If you have high pressure, go see your doctor.

Hygrometer - If you think you're melting like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, it's too humid out.

Ceilometer - If you get sunburned, there's obviously no clouds.

Doppler - Purple means the sky is falling. If it's rotating, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Eyes - Used to detect real time weather conditions used by those who can't afford to purchase fancy weather gadgets.

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