Thursday, November 06, 2008

Storm Chaser Gear for Dummies

You know you're bored when you start creating lists like these.

Storm Chaser Gear for Dummies

Camera - To take pictures of the blue skies while the chaser over in the next state has the tornadoes.

Video camera - To gather proof of chaser hordes wherever the DOW and TIV are. Also used as a way of having proof you really were inside that tornado.

GPS - To plan escape routes to get away from the DOW and TIV hordes. Also used to find where the nearest Dairy Queen or Sonic is.

Tripod - Used as a road block.

Ham radio - Used to report BSC (big scary clouds) while spotting.

Cell phone - To call mom when you are peeing your pants from freight.

Sunglasses - To make those big scary clouds seem darker than they really are.

Laptop - After consuming plenty of junk food on the road, the chaser develops a laptop.

Nose plugs - A must have if your chase partner eats an Allsups.

Spotter Network - A software tool to see where the chase crowds are headed.

Baron Mobile Threat Net - A software tool to find out where the heck your supercell is since it is no where to be seen.

Cooler - A hail storage container.

Light bar - Used to stir controversy among the chaser community. Sorry Stormtrack, but I just had to throw that one in there :-)

Disclaimer: These lists are intended for humor purposes only. They do not have any relation to the various for Dummies books.

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